The foundation plans to offer a Digi-Mechanics-School, a future-orientated, further-training seminar for car mechanics. For trainees, trained mechanics, shop owners or masters and all young women or men who are interested in IT technology. In addition have the interest to analyze digital defects of cars and thus support mechanic to recognize the electronic defects and fix them. In this school digital repair skills will be taught in combination with mechanical techniques. The seminars are to be filled with gender parity in mind. The Master Crafts Persons (MCPs) and owners of workshops will be offered to add a digital competence to their mechanical skills.



With the knowledge, the seminar participants can receive sustainable advanced vocational training, which they can use as multipliers. Sooner than later, many young Ghanaians who are engaged in the traditional way of vehicle repairing will be out of job when the use of the modern electronic and digital vehicles become dominant in the system. Soon the informal or traditional way of vehicle repairing will stop. That means the end of the “profession” for a huge number of people. The mechanics could receive sustainable employment and the use of professionally maintained and repaired vehicles will reduce the air pollution and so contribute to a cleaner and healthy environment in the cities of Ghana.